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Finding the truth about Tesla is difficult because a lot information has been fabricated.

  1. What if John O’Neill was Hoover’s guy and took us in a whole different direction? O’Neill didn’t release Tesla’s biography until after Tesla’s death. Why? All other Tesla authors went off of O’Neill’s work.
  2. What happened to Tesla’s body and where is he now? Was he really cremated? At the time of Tesla’s death, the world was doing some of the most intensive experiments on the human brain. There is no evidence that Tesla wanted to be cremated; why would Sava Kosanovic make that decision? The Orthodox religion does not permit cremation.
  3. Was the Wardenclyffe tower just an experiment for Tesla and why did he abandon the project? Did JP Morgan stop the project because there was no way to profit off of free energy? Does someone with so much power really need an electric meter?
  4. Did Tesla stop the project because he feared his work would be used for the wrong purposes? ( Tesla said that the tower would work when the time was right ). They say the Tower was knocked down because it could be seen off shore by ships; isn’t that true of the Empire State Building as well? Tesla didn’t take even a single paper or instrument out of the lab. Why?
  5. Was Tesla playing a game with Hoover and the CIA?
  6. Why was Tesla and his worked wiped from US History? There is barely any mention of him anywhere in the Smithsonian. Tesla was a US citizen in lived in the US for 60 years. He created the second industrial revolution and helped bring the country out of the Great Depression. Tesla is not mentioned in the history books. Who was so powerful as to wipe him out? Will we ever have “Free Energy”? and will it be on the heels of Tesla’s ideas? With this lead to a third industrial revolution?
  7. In 1943, the Supreme Court overturned Marconi’s patent for improvements to the radio, citing that Tesla’s patent predated Marconi’s. Marconi received the Nobel Prize. Why hasn’t Tesla received this kind of recognition? Sava Kosanovic was a powerful man; why didn’t he fix the error? Who did he work for?
  8. Why is there no Tesla Museum in the US?There wouldn’t be as much war or pollution and free energy would increase quality of life for all. Adding unencumbered communications would also help us progress.

I have been involved with inventions since I was a child and have several patents and awards, the most important to me being the Nikola Tesla Gold Medal. We worked to collect as much as I could that is Tesla-related, especially if rare. My son did a presentation about Tesla in 8th grade. The crowd was interested in learning more about the “Forgotten Genius” but it was clear how little people actually knew about Tesla. This inspired me to start the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club.
We have since held many lectures, meetings, science conferences and inventors conventions. The depth of my research on Tesla has led me to a lot of doubts regarding the documents that we have about Tesla, specifically those presented by John O’Neill. Spreading the truth about Tesla was the primary mission in starting the group, but I had no idea how big of a project that would be. Before we can spread the truth, we have to find out the truth. I have doubts surrounding Tesla’s cremation as well; it was not documented and impermissible by Orthodox Christian values.
In 2004 a group of Tesla Enthusiasts helped me start the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club, which led to both the Nikola Tesla Club and the Tesla Science Foundation. Today, I believe we are the most active Tesla group worldwide and we work together with other organizations and have a lab in Zemun. It has always troubled me that someone so important to American history has been left out of its teaching all together.

The Smithsonian barely mentions Tesla in its electricity exhibits. When Tesla closed the Wardenclyffe tower, he said that it would work when the time came. Is now the time? Has our human consciousness come to the level necessary to fully realize Tesla’s visions? I believe that it is time for the 4th industrial revolution!