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For the past 12 years, since the birth of the Tesla Science Foundation (TSF) in The United States and Serbia, we have branched out and brainstormed on how to encourage younger generations to better understand Tesla and his work. We have held a large amount of conferences, meetings, and celebrations, and have not yet reached our goal, but we did not give up. Many “Tesla’s people” (this is what we call all of the enthusiasts who study and promote Tesla’s character and work) gave us many ideas and discussions. We believe that we now have enough experience in order to open a discussion on the future work of the TSF and the cooperation of the Tesla enthusiasts, professionals, and our associates around the world.

Our primary goal is to motivate younger generations to get involved and to learn and comprehend Tesla’s character and work, as well as, his thoughts of a better tomorrow. We have incorporated all of his philosophies in a traveling exhibition: “Tesla: Past, Present, Future”. We have broadened our horizons by offering after school assembly classes, which still need some development. The Tacony Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, along with their administration and wonderful teachers have helped to make this possible.

With the cooperation and collaboration with schools in Serbia, the TSF has had new dimensions and perspectives of the project as a whole. We look forward to working alongside the Nikola Tesla School in Jagodina, which won 1st place in a competition about Nikola Tesla and his inventions; the TSF and the University Singidunum in Belgrade prepared this contest. The teachers of this school have prepared a fantastic program called, “Energiju Stedim, Vise Vredim (Energy saved is worth more)”. It is a program that should be introduced into all schools, globally.

One of our teachers had an idea to write a script, so that the students could learn and perform a play on Tesla and his work. The play is based on, “Tesla: Past, Present, Future”. The play will be performed at the utmost professional standards. Our foundation members in Serbia are working alongside professionals who make and replicate Tesla’s inventions and the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The script will be available for free download from our website, as well as images and music that can be set during performances.

However, we have a small problem that needs to be resolved.

Unfortunately, many teachers know little to nothing about Tesla and very often in the course of their education and media are misinformed. We need to set the record straight. This is why we decided to invite all professionals to describe and write one part of Tesla’s life and teachings. This will be published in an ABC book for teachers and pupils. The book will be translated and printed in English as well. We will try to obtain verification from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, in order to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Additionally, we wish to inform you that we are in the final phase of forming two studies (one in Serbia and one in Philadelphia). This will significantly contribute to helping spread the knowledge of Tesla. We have interviewed the Tesla experts on our digital platform. We organize weekly webinars, where viewers can participate in the modern Tesla story.

In order to promote Tesla, our greatest scientists and innovators, his work and his philosophy of life, we invite you to get involved in one of the following ways:

1. Submit your work on Tesla that you would like published in the book, including your name.

2. Submit topics that you would like to discuss on TeslaTalk.TV digital platform.

3. Suggest ways that we can expand and educate the truth about Tesla globally.